Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Facing Fear with Faith

Fi Fi Faces Her Fears

We all face things we fear. And, perhaps, children's fears may be more intense. How do we help them through their fears and teach them to trust God? In my children's series, Really Rare Rabbits Book 2: The Secret at Peppermint, there is a tool to help children overcome their fears and learn to trust God. These rare, adorable rabbits take you on a dangerous journey with them to meet their grandfather. On the way, they face their fears and learn to trust God.

As a writer, I reap the benefits of researching Bible principles for my children's books. I spend time praying and searching verses to incorporate in my stories. Those verses inevitably cause me to dig deeper for spiritual nuggets to help children, and in the process my soul gets stretched. My walk with God grows more intimate as I strive to impart God's truth that will impact young lives for Jesus. I love writing for children because I know how their little minds and hearts quickly soak up God's Word.

We all go through storms in our lives or face giant obstacles in our paths. Maybe they aren't the giant green ghosts that my rabbits encounter, but all the same, we cringe when our giants appear. Children also face their giants. Fi Fi trembles when she meets the giants, but she remembers a Bible verse tucked away in her heart. "Don't fear; I will help you" (Isaiah 41:13 NIV).

How about you? Are you facing giants today? Just as I wrote how God's Word helped Fi Fi, it will help you also to overcome your fears.

Don't tremble, trust God to slay your giants.

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